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Vote for policies, not personalities!

Complete our unique survey based on policies alone to find out who to vote for at the next UK election - the results might just surprise you!

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What is Vote for Policies?

Vote for Policies makes it easy to compare what the political parties are promising to do. It helps you make an informed, unbiased decision about who to vote for. Find out which party you really support...

So, how does it work?

Compare policies from six UK political parties on a range of key issues (just select at least four). After you have chosen the policies you agree with we’ll show you which parties they belong to. But be ready - the results can be surprising!

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Vote for Policies was created for the 2010 UK general election. We'll be updating the policies and parties (including the main parties from Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland) early in 2015.

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Health / NHS 1 votes

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“The test is well worth taking.”

“Vote for Policies is an interesting survey based on policies alone - allowing users to find out who they would vote for if the policies were anonymous.”

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“…an interesting way to look at party politics… without having to commit to reading through manifestos and heavy research.”


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Don't believe the hype

Policies are what actually affect our lives – so let’s judge the politicians on what they promise to do. Anything else is just hype!